August 22, 2016

Make the best out of the environment around you for training



FIT CITY’s lead Personal Trainer, Ade, knows how to make the best out of the environment around you for training. She wrote recently:

It’s so important to find your ‘best place’ to exercise – a place that is easily accessible and where you enjoy being – which will help you stick to your training programme in the long-term. It could be your back garden, a small public space on your street, the local park, an outdoor gym, the canal towpath, the courtyard or rooftop at work. My ‘best place’ at the moment is the Chinese pagoda and bridge on the new island in the west lake in Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets. It has a beautiful view of the main lake and pavilion, and it provides shelter in the rain. It’s an inspirational place that provides the space to relax and focus. Currently, Ade has been personal training one of her city clients close to where she works in London’s fabulous South Bank. She’s been working hard with Emily to make best use of the inspiring urban environment around the Royal Festival Hall and Jubilee Gardens to greatly improve Emily’s health and fitness. Emily said ‘Ad has been absolutely brilliant in getting be back on track after moving cities/ work stress had knocked my fitness levels completely out of whack. Ade quickly identified what I needed and what my body could do, and the insightful and personal approach is just perfect. We trained each lunchtime on London’s South Bank, such a beautiful spot for training and feeling in the thick of London’s best bits while doing so, and Ade creatively integrates the built surroundings into our workout! Combining interesting sights in London with exercising is such a great idea, especially for those new to the city. I always felt much better after each session (and loved the stretches!) and Ade is both gentle, fun and lovely to be around as well as pretty tough when you need it!’ “