We love running, and we're passionate about supporting people, from all walks of life, to do it better. We offer a range of activities that will help you find your inner gazelle. We can help you improve your form and posture, body awareness, running muscles, speed and stamina, power and flexibility.



If you want to run better and faster for longer, injury free, this session will break down your running style. It will highlight areas of change and outline a practical plan that will help you improve. Email or call for more info.

8 week improvement programmes


Building up to this season’s running events, choose this 8-week programme. We will assess your technique and uses specific exercises and drills to improve your running, nailing the big event. This package includes 10k, half marathon and marathon training programmes.

“FIT CITY is so positive, encouraging and does not let me slack, which is exactly what I need! Three weeks after starting to work with FIT CITY I have doubled the length of time I can run for, and I come home feeling proud of myself. They won’t take any nonsense and makes you feel great”.

– Ruth Gee

“Following my knee injury 3 months before the marathon, FIT CITY helped me train and build up my core strength and muscle tone with weekly high intensity sessions. I couldn’t have done it without them! Their support really helped me and I can feel the difference – I have muscles
I didn’t know I had.”

– Gill Dalton


One of our specialist run coaches will watch and film you run either outdoors , on a treadmill or both. We’ll then break down your technique and highlight areas of improvement. Working alongside your training programme and time commitments to make change happen.

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